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Personal Training

Anthony "Tony" Gallette

“Hey there! My name is Anthony Gallette. My friends and my clients call me Tony (among other things). I'm a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and I want to be your roadmap to achieving your health/fitness goals.

Health and fitness has always been a central part of my life, but before attaining my ISSA Certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition, my journey took many forms. Muay Thai in Southeast Asia, long distance bike-packing in New Zealand, and even some crazy stuff.

Now, I’m a competitive athlete, trainer, and nutrition consultant right here in north Idaho. And whatever your health and fitness goals, I want to provide you with the knowledge, encouragement, and a plan to chase them down. 

I specialize in functional strength & conditioning for everyday life, bodybuilding (aesthetics), and strength & conditioning for sport. Along with the nutritional knowledge to support those goals.

What type of service best suits your needs? I can provide in person training at home or in Sandpoint at gyms like Natural Fitness and The Shed. I can support you virtually with personalized planning and online consultation. Or, whatever combination of the two will best support your journey. Whether you want a trainer, a nutrition consultant, or both, I've got you covered. 

Navigating the path to your fitness goals can be daunting. But, with the right knowledge and the right plan, you can do anything.

Call: 417-399-3849
Instagram at @1000wordsvisual."

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