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Personal Training

Kirk Reynolds

  Kirk Reynolds has been fitness-focused since 2010. Finding himself with an abundance of “sympathy weight” from the births of his children, he was ready to make a change.

  Starting his fitness journey, Kirk went headlong into learning as much about training as he possibly could, obtaining Crossfit level 2 and Crossfit kids certifications, training kids and adults alike in his hometown. Realizing there was more to fitness than just making yourself tired, he obtained the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s “Certified Personal Trainer“ and “Corrective Exercise Specialist” certifications. As a lifelong learner, he is always keeping up to date on the newest research and fitness trends.

  Kirk loves training all ages, but feels great enjoyment helping those in the Senior Age and Diabetic communities. Kirk is a Type-1 Juvenile Diabetic, so he understands the complications and frustrations of it.

  As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, he has seen many clients who struggle to get back into training after injuries or extend ed time off from the gym. He knows it takes time to build strength back up, and is patient with your progress.

If you are interested in taking your health and fitness up a few notches, schedule an appointment today!


Cell: 208-610-3447

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