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24 Hour Fitness (24 Hour) designed the Membership Policies ("Policies") and the club rules, including rules listed here and rules posted in clubs ("Rules") to ensure a safer and more enjoyable environment in which to exercise. So, please be thoughtful and observe the Policies and Rules that you, and all members, have agreed to follow. 24 Hour may, in its sole discretion, modify the Policies and Rules without notice at any time. It's your responsibility to know and follow the most current Policies and Rules. All approved signs posted in a club or on the premises shall be considered a part of the Policies and Rules of 24 Hour.

The following Polices and Rules replace all previous Policies and Rules. If there is any conflict between these Policies and the posted club Rules, these Policies and Rules apply. The current Policies and Rules are also available on the 24 Hour website at



You must check in at the front desk on each club visit by enrolling in (1) the Touchless Check-In System using the 24GO® app, or (2) the Cardless Check-in system using your finger scan and a 10-digit check-in code (such as your phone number), or (3) bringing in an original government issued photo ID. You are not required to enroll in either the Touchless Check-in or Cardless Check-in systems. Please visit our website at for more information. *Photo IDs can be an original driver's license, state ID, student ID, military ID or passport. For more information about the Cardless Check-in system please check our website at


24 Hour Fitness provides lockers for members to use only while working out in the gym. You should always use a lock to protect your property. Do not leave any valuable property in a locker at any time. 24 Hour is not responsible for any theft of or damage to your property. If you leave a lock on a locker while you're not in the gym, 24 Hour will consider your property abandoned and has the right to cut off the lock. If you leave your property, 24 Hour shall have the right to donate your property to charity.


No Alcohol, Drugs, or Smoking: You cannot engage in any activity at 24 Hour while under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. 24 Hour does not permit smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs, including steroids, in any of its facilities.

No Weapons: No weapons of any kind are permitted in 24 Hour facilities.

Photos/Filming: Taking photos or filming of others is not permitted without their prior knowledge and consent, and under no circumstances is any photography or filming permitted within the Kids’ Club, locker room, steam room, or sauna areas.

Food & Beverages: 24 Hour reserves the right to limit the consumption of food or beverages in workout areas.

Personal Training: No member may train another member for compensation. If 24 Hour determines that such training occurs at a 24 Hour facility, the trainer and/or trainee may lose their membership.

Outside Equipment: 24 Hour reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or restrict the use of outside equipment in the club.


Carrying a workout towel is recommended. Please use the cleaning station supplies to wipe down equipment after use.


While in 24 Hour facilities, 24 Hour does not permit and will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct. Such conduct includes, without limitation, using loud, abusive, offensive, insulting, demeaning language, profanity, lewd conduct or any conduct that harasses or is bothersome to members, guests or 24 Hour employees.


If any member or guest violates any of the Policies or Rules, 24 Hour will ask that person to stop or leave. A member’s violation of any of the Policies or Rules may also cause 24 Hour, in its sole discretion, to terminate that person’s membership and/or other agreements.

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